Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Our History

ANANYA was started to fulfil the academic, emotional, social and physical needs of slum children through the school, Ananya Shikshana Kendra (ASK). We are providing them with an education that is truly meaningful and relevant to their lives and one that is empowering as well. At ANANYA, we deal with all aspects of a child’s life—school, home, career and society. We also have the Ananya Centre for Teachers (ACT), a forum for teachers and individuals who work with similar children. It is a platform for personal development, where teachers share views and exchange ideas.

We cater to the needs of children who are not admitted in other schools either for social, physical or academic reasons e.g. children of migratory workers who relocate to Bangalore in the middle of an academic session, have no permanent address, children who have failed to fulfill the admission criteria of mainstream schools, have never been to school but desire to study, cannot afford to pay the hidden costs of education. Since
our policy of admission is one of inclusion rather than exclusion, we admit these children who would otherwise be denied a right to education.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Nooopur said...

i'm m.lib i want visit ur library...i just see ur history or trip ...and ur objective...that really nice,,,


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