Wednesday, January 04, 2006

About the School

Ananya Shikshana Kendra (ASK)

ASK is a unique space in which we provide educational opportunities to underprivileged children. At Ask we inculcate a spirit of questioning in our children. Learning takes place in learning centres where study materials are arranged by levels of difficulty and are placed within easy each of children. ASK is a place where children get the best of education at no cost. It is a place where the traditional three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) are taught through the three Es (exploration, enjoyment, and experience) by enabling them the three Ls (looking, learning and living).

ASK is unique because

Ø We encourage innovation and creativity in teaching. Children are not taught in the traditional way but by being aware of their environment and the life around them. They are taught to observe and analyse.
Ø They are encouraged to ask, as the acronym ASK suggests and the teachers help them find answers to their questions.
Ø The emphasis is on self-learning and self-assessment so there is no authority figure telling them they are right or wrong.
Ø The curriculum is adaptable and responds to the individual needs of the children.
Ø Learning is made fun, meaningful and enjoyable and relevant to their lives.
Ø The children are grouped into non-hierarchical groups and this instils confidence and builds self worth.
Ø Children are provided vocational training in an area of their choice while appearing for the National Open School’ school leaving certificate examination when they feel ready for it.


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