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We provide three options to our children:

OPTION I students with good aptitude skills are given an opportunity to ‘be what they want to be’

One category of students fit into this option. We enroll 6-8 year old students who can join mainstream government schools but cannot attend private schools. These children have the academic potential but need individual and special attention, which the government schools cannot provide. After a couple of years these students will drop out because they will not allow themselves to be straight jacketed into a system that is designed to kill their enthusiasm and their curiosity to learn. These are children we categorize as ‘potential dropouts,’ who given the right academic environment will flourish and can hope to move beyond the careers they would otherwise be destined to. We provide them with the time and space and a stimulating atmosphere that helps them develop to their full potential. The children can progress from one level of learning to a higher level at their own pace as and when they feel ready for it. They will have the opportunity to choose a career of their choice and not be restricted to following their parents’ footsteps. An example of a child in this category is the daughter/son of a construction worker wanting to be a doctor.

OPTION II students in this category are given the opportunity to better their prospects

This second group comprises 9-11 year old students who have attended government schools and have dropped out due to a variety of reasons. Some are considered ‘failures’ because they have not passed the ‘quality control tests’ set down by the examination system. Their self-esteem has taken a severe beating and made them feel they are incapable of being anything but hawkers. Should these children have no hope of ever being educated? At Ananya, we believe they do. We strongly feel that given the right environment in which they can realize their full potential, they can be achievers. We identify their aptitudes and interests, create individualized curriculum and offer choices of vocation so that they can have a career of their choice. An example of a child in this category is the son/daughter of a housemaid with the potential to be a mechanic.

OPTION III students in this category are made to feel they are important and their contribution to society is invaluable no matter what they choose to do in life.

The third group comprises 12-13 year old children who have never been to school and find that all the avenues to a better life have been closed due to a lack of the ‘right’ education. They desire to study, but will admit them? In what class? In the first standard with 5-6 year olds? What effect will this have on their self-esteem? We feel such children should have a right to education too. They should be allowed to choose a profession they are comfortable with and good at. They should be valued for the service they can provide. We teach them to value their talents, to give their best to whatever they are interested in and capable of doing. Some do not have the academic skills but have non-academic skills. We encourage them to do what they can do best with dignity, honesty and sincerity. If the children feel good about themselves and their work, the society too will begin to respect them and their vocations. An example of a child in this category is a child who wants to be a carpenter, we encourage him/her to be good carpenter and value the choice of profession.


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